Compartment Shoe Cabinet EFS Stainless steel AISI 304


The compartment shoe cabinet EFS, with its body closed on three sides, serves the open storage of shoes and is available in several sizes.

The shelf spaces of the individual shoe compartments consist of robust wire netting grids. The extendible and detachable drawers below cover 2 or 3 compartments each and collect residues that may drip from the shoe soles.

This construction ensures a particularly hygienic storage of shoes as well as easy and optimal cleaning of the entire shoe cabinet. Its slanted roof ensures simple cleaning and prevents undesirable depositing of various items.

Technical Data  
EFS 2/5 Dimensions (WxDxH)  10 Compartments610 x 450 x 1630/1830 mm
EFS 3/5 Dimensions (WxDxH)  15 Compartments900 x 450 x 1630/1830 mm
EFS 5/5 Dimensions (WxDxH) 25 Compartments1480 x 450 x 1630/1830 mm
Compartment size  (WxDxH) 260 x 450 x 200 mm