Boot Dryer STT Stainless steel AISI 304

STT-2x15 + STT-15

The boot dryer STT is available for wall or floor mounting and features a warm air blower with thermostat and daily timer as well as a switch Hand – 0 – Auto.

To dry the boots, the drying program runs for a time that can be adjusted (90-120 minutes).

The air sucked in by the blower is warmed up and blown into the boots.


  • Wall or Floor mounted
  • Ozone Disinfection - By way of an ozone generator the drying air is enriched with ozone. The ozone mixture reliably kills germs, fungi and microorganisms. The ozone levels in this case are completely safe.
  • Weekly timer - The weekly timer enables the programming of the boot dryers over the course of a week.
  • Valve Heads - The valve heads provide warm air only when boots are attached. In this way, any unwanted release of air can be prevented.

Technic Data  
Electrical connection 230 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz
Typ Boot capacityDimensions (W x D x H)Heating
STT-10 10 Pairs790 x 485 x 1930 / 2080 mm1000 W
STT-15 15 Pairs 1110 x 485 x 1930 / 2080 mm1000 W
STT-2x10 20 Pairs 790 x 680 x 1930 mm1000 W
STT-20 20 Pairs1430 x 485 x 1930 / 2080 mm1000 W
30 Pairs1110 x 680 x 1930 mm 2000 W
STT-30 30 Pairs2070 x 485 x 1930 / 2080 mm2000 W
STT-2x20 40 Pairs1430 x 680 x 1930 mm2000 W
STT-2x30  60 Pairs2220 x 680 x 1930 mm2000 W