Walk-Through Sole Cleaning Machine DLSO-HD Stainless steel AISI 304

DLSO-HD 1100

The walk-through sole cleaning machines in the DLSO-HD 800 to 2000 line provide optimal cleaning of the soles of shoes, while providing a high level of safety ensured by the enforced guidance of personnel through the machine.

Two horizontally mounted rotating brushes covered by a foldable floor grating made of stainless steel ensure the fast cleaning of the soles. The rotation of the brushes is activated by sensors located on the entry and exit sides, which also activate the release of the cleaning agent and water mixture. The brushes can be adjusted to run for between 1 and 10 seconds. The machine comes ready for connection. Siphon, joints and gaskets and small parts are not included.

The walk-through sole cleaning machine is available in brush lengths 400, 700, 1100 and 1600 mm.

Technische Daten    
DLSO-HD 800 Abmessungen (LxTxH) 1400 x 860 x 1300 mm Bürstenlänge 400 mm
DLSO-HD 1100 Abmessungen (LxTxH) 1700 x 860 x 1300 mm Bürstenlänge 700 mm
DLSO-HD 1500 Abmessungen (LxTxH) 2100 x 860 x 1300 mm Bürstenlänge 1100 mm
DLSO-HD 2000 Abmessungen (LxTxH) 2600 x 860 x 1300 mm Bürstenlänge 1600 mm
Elektroanschluss 400 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz  
Leistungsaufnahme 0,6 kW  
Wasseranschluss 3/4" max. 43 °C  
Wasserablauf DN 50