Compact Hygiene Station DLSO-HD + EK 1600 ERGOLINE Stainless steel AISI 304


The compact hygiene stations of the DLSO-HD + EK1600 ERGOLINE  line composed of the pass-through sole cleaning machine DLSO-HD and the entry control device EK 1600 with a tamper-proof two hand disinfection in connection with an - after successful hand disinfection - unlocked turnstile.

EK 1600 ERGOLINE reduces the otherwise customary contortion of the upper body by approx. 50% due to its ergonomically placed two-hand disinfection which points under 45° to the direction of movement. The bracket for the holder containing the hand disinfectant is placed on the side of the EK 1600 ERGOLINE.

A multi-functional LED light gives information about the level of disinfectant or display fault messages.

The machine is delivered ready for connection. Siphon, seals and small parts are not included in the scope of the delivery. The walk-through shoe sole cleaning machine is supplied with brush lengths of 1100 and 1600 mm.


  • Data storage for the month
  • Monitors level of shoe sole detergent
Technical data    
DLSO-HD 1500 + EK 1600 ERGOLINE Dimensions (LxDxH) 2100 x 1130 x 1770 mm Brush lenght 1100 mm
DLSO-HD 2000 + EK 1600 ERGOLINE Dimensions (LxDxH) 2600 x 1130 x 1770 mm Brush lenght 1600 mm
Electrical connection 400 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz  
Power consumption 1,0 kW  
Water connection 3/4" max. 43 °C  
Water outlet DN 50